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The Castle of Bar

In the Ukrainian Podillya, in the origins of the river Riv, lies the ancient town of Bar. This town saw Tatars, Poles, the cossaks, hetmans, Russians, the kings and queens. It burned in the fires of peasants uprisings. It was the residency of hetman Konetspolski and hetman Vyhovsky and also the center of Bar Confederation. There is a historical object left from those times. It is the Bar Castle. This object is the most mysterious, the most deserted and the most discussed object. Perhaps, someone, like R. Zelazny's character, would have remembered The Castle of Bar, if it has been preserved nowadays.

After Olgerd's conquest (Syni Wody battle) the territory had been included to the Podillya principality, that was a part of Great Lithuanian principality. The construction of big town-castles had begun. The first documentary sign about the town named "Rov" goes back to 1401. Famous Ukrainian historian Myhailo Grushevskiy wrote "... in 1405 Rov was a populated town, and it meant that the process of population had been held in previous times..." The queen Bona Sforza together with her son Sigizmund August came to Rov in 1533. The Queen bought the territory of Rov with the surrounding lands and ordered to build a new fortress. She named the town Bar - in honor of her native town Bari in Italy, where she was born. 

In the XVII century the castle had masonry walls. It had rectangular proportions and the towers on it's corners, which were carried forward from the main perimeter. But very few fragments were preserved at the beginning of the XX century.

New masonry castle had been built under Martin Gerburt command, who was the elderly of Bar in 1553-1570. The main function of the castle was to strengthen the Poland's south borders and to block the exit to the Black Sea. The Castle of Bar became the third (after Kamianets and Medgibizh) fortress of Poland and it was often called "the gate of Polish Ukraine".

Here, at we tried to recreate the Castle Of Bar digitally by means of 3d Studio Max and Corona Renderer. Our architectural visualization shows the castle of Bar as it was built in 18-th century.

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