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Country house in Canadian forest. Lock and leave. Or lock and live.

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

So, how do you imagine country house? Right, in Ukraine the most of people image it like a cottage with a garden. Or even with 2 gardens.

Of course, in other countries, not post-soviet ones, the understanding of sub-urban living is much different.

In our time in big cities people do intellectual work mostly — software engineers, marketers, designers, doctors, managers of all ranks and people of other professions, who work with clients and information. Sometimes overloads or stresses occur.

In such cases "anti-stress" psychologists advise to move away from information flow, have some fresh air and change your environment.

In January client from Canada asked us to create and visualize concept of the country house, that will be located in the forest. The house will be combined of 4 20-feet containers. The ground floor - 3 containers, where kitchen and living room will be set. Bedroom will be placed in the fourth container - on the top of 3 others.

The place of construction is shown on the photo. Old house will be dismantled.

Construction place

This is 20-feet sea container.

Морський контейнер довжиною 20 футів
Sea 20-feet container - 6.09 meters.

The prices for the new and used container are very different. New container costs about $1200-2000. The most of information sources advise not to buy used containers for living purposes, because they could have been used to transport dangerous cargo, after that they need special cleaning procedures.

Unfortunately, in reality we can`t check if those procedures were applied.

The client`s idea was to build container house on her plot that has 3-5% slope. The containers doors won`t be demounted. In this way, after some upgrading we`ll have "chest-house".

As the house located far enough from city, this idea makes sense, because it provides house safety when the owner is not at home.

Our client calls it "lock and leave concept". On YouTube you can find a lot of videos, where similar houses are shown. For example:

The concept of "chest-house":

Chest-house sketch
The concept of "chest-house"

After some rounds of negotiations with client all details were cleared and the modelling of the environment and the house filling had been started.

By the way, the filling is modest enough: the client didn`t want to have even a TV.

The results: