The reconstruction concept of the town of Bar central part

On January 3, the reconstruction concept of the central part of the town of Bar was discussed, for which more than 10 visualizations were created. The initiator and customer of the project is the Bar town Council headed by the mayor.

The main purpose was to show the possibility of renovation of the city center with the preservation of the main landmarks that are well known and loved by the citizens: Memorial Square, St. Nicholas Square, the area in front of the local club and the cinema.

Preparatory work began with the study of cartographic data and aerial photographs. Then the picture of the existing state was made and it showed that it would be impossible to perform the photo montage properly.

In such cases, it is worth to perform a full three-dimensional modeling of the surrounding. This is a very time consuming job that requires experience and time to complete. The result is three-dimensional models of buildings and territories. This made it possible to fully manage the scene, change the types of materials, colors, lighting and even seasons of the year.

Memorial Square

Memorial Square in the town of Bar in Vinnytsya region, Ukraine
Memorial Square aerial image

The following base directions for modeling of Memorial Square were selected:

Below are suggestions for landscaping this area. Replacing the curbs and laying the pavement will significantly change the appearance of the area. Extending the lawn and using the back light will give the square very festive look. Using the tiles with LED elements. Leveling the soil and sowing grass is required.

Parking lot

Lets move to the territory opposite the bus station. In summer there is a spontaneous trading and also this area is used as a parking lot.

Since the citizens have chosen exactly this form of using this space, we will continue to design it as parking lot. One-way parking and a commercial area are planned to be separated from the road by a lawn with grass and thuja plantings. Evergreen trees will restrain dust, sound pollution and will give some shade for the parking lot.

Entrepreneurs wishing to trade will be able to use 6 boutiques that separate parking lot from Memorial Square. Pedestrians will move along sidewalks and through covered walkways to the Square.

As the parking lot will be one-side way, the way out of it will be from the store of Grosh supermarket.

Many readers will be interested in seeing some other uses of the parking lot. In a different aspect, a pedestrian area is offered, although the vision of the Bar Town Council is just parking for the guests of the town! Swipe sideways to view.

The next stage was the modeling and visualization of the territory next to the central library.

The main change for this zone is to reduce the area of the flower beds, round the corners and reduce them to the sidewalk. Flowerbeds are planted with decorative maple trees, they are well amenable to crown formation and do not drop leaves until deep fall. It is advisable to lay the area in front of the library with a pavement tile of "neutral" light gray color, which will give the area a clean appearance in any weather. But the most courageous solution is to transfer the T.G. Shevchenko monument in front of the library.

Hence we have following renderings.

In the following image we see that the monument to T.G. Shevchenko will be located on the site instead of a memorial stone for holocaust victims in Ukraine. The stone will be moved to the cemetery where a Public memorial center is planned to be created.

The next direction for transformation is the space in front of the Local State Administration Office, which is characterized by a large number of coniferous trees and large lawns.

According to the concept proposed by AER designers (, one of the exits from the tourist route "Bar Castle - Church - Monastery - Church - St. Nicholas Square" will be held under the walls of the Local State Administration Office, therefore, along with other innovations, it is suggested to consider the setting of a pedestrian path through one of the lawns.

One of the fir trees will be selected as the main Christmas tree of the town, and the lawn will be shifted to get the tree in the center and additional passage with an "island" will be formed. After planting certain exotic (but climatically zoned) plants, this place can be easily transformed into a known photographic zone.

The shown area is next to the District House of Culture and the Cinema. At the current stage, they look like this:

Last summer, the town residents asked the town council to restore the fountain. In its current state, the fountain is a cumbersome and outdated structure, which, however, can be given a modern look. Pedestrian fountains are gaining popularity in Ukrainian cities. In particular, they have already been launched in Odessa, Lviv, Chernihiv, Cherkasy. Pedestrian fountains are less traumatic because they do not have an open recess for water.

In our city, a new fountain could look like this.

Protective zone in the form of a parametric bench will be formed around the fir trees.

A cinema building and a playground are next to the area shown. It is planned to install an video screen that will replace the usual big-board that was there before. The screen will show advertisings of the town, social advertisings, events held in our town.

Discussions on the Facebook pages have already passed, bearing different thoughts, but the red ribbon was like: "if the will do so, it would be very good!". The author is grateful for such an appreciation of his work! Let me add that the author sincerely shares the conviction of the need to attract investment and creating new industrial capacities, since only production is the key to the development of settlements. But let`s remember and agree that one will invest to those cities where something is already done: - improvement, orderliness, tidiness - these are exactly that the guests of the town will pay attention to and what they will talk about when they go to other cities and towns.

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