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The First Post

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Hello, my friends and colleagues! Last few years I was into 3d visualizing deeply. I've learnt what architectural visualization is for. And I loved it! Working with local customers as well as from abroad I polished my skills and now I decided to launch my own website for archvis. I know I am at the start of the long way for getting more skills, more projects, more clients, for building a team and turning this to real business. But I'm willing to do it even the competition is strong. At this stage I thank you all who liked/commented my posts in social networks, who criticized my work and gave the advice. You all really helped, even the ones are not here and not reading this!

Today we launched our architectural visualization website. Over time, a lot of work has accumulated in the portfolio, it has been possible to work with clients from several countries, to master many techniques. The site is primarily positioned as an online portfolio where potential customers will be able to view examples of high quality work done and to communicate with us. The site was launched in English, but which of my readers is scared or surprised now? Future plans include developing Ukrainian language web pages and periodic blog posts on architectural visualization, stock photography, printing and design. I invite you to the site/blog, to view the portfolio, evaluate and distribute it on social networks.

When mistakes are found - please inform us immediately!

Thank you in advance!

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